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extensive assistance and access to various streams of financial products

Enhance your client experience with Mkhonto Financial’s CFD and new Margin Credit FX solution and enjoy the top user experience trading system. We provide our customers extensive assistance and access to various streams of financial products with advanced features and extensive expertise, assuring null setup and maintenance costs.

Prime Brokerage Service

Be it securities landing or cash management, our prime brokerage service can help you maintain your financial position. Our experts in this field can help hedge funds in identifying new investors, researching the market, and borrowing more cash. In this way, large financial institutions can outsource their investment activities to us, giving them more time to spend on strategy building.


Overall, our prime brokerage service serves as a provider for credit intermediation to a trading party as per pre-decided conditions.


Fully automated decision-making in pre-trade risk management during severe market volatility and granular leverage per instrument ensures pre-trade control over customer access to liquidity, leverage, and risk.

Mkhonto Financial’s white-label platform offers to deploy your pricing with ease and efficiency. You can utilize their latest technology to deliver innovative solutions that maintain your brand identity and include the requirements of your customized features to differentiate your product offering using the newest technology. Overall, Mkhonto Financial offers its customers full control over the whole platform.

Our White-label platforms are:

It is an easy-to-download platform with our state-of-the-art customized trading system for traders who easily browse the markets.


CFH's cloud-based trading technology allows customers to access the markets easily from anywhere from any browser.


Our mobile trade platform provides all the advanced technologies in mobile to our users.

Our 3rd party platforms include

MetaTrader 4

The automated trading and exchanges within the retail FX sector provide you MT4 Electronic trading platform.

MetaTrader 5

It is free software for traders, enabling them to access and execute technical analysis and trading activities in FX and exchange markets.

Forex CRM :

CRM drives an excellent customer experience that is crucial for the success of Forex Brokerage. Our highly customized Forex CRM provides:

A deep multi-asset liquidity solution allows you to maximize your product offering and diversify revenue streams.

We are Foreign Exchange Prime Brokerage

What is FX Prime Brokerage?

Foreign Exchange Prime Brokerage is a service to hedge funds, investors, commodities trading consultants, and other investment and trading concerns supplied to central foreign-exchange trading banks. The notion of the primary brokerage was started in the 1990s on stock and bond markets; for the foreign exchange community, the prime brokerage idea has been modified and has since been a norm for the sector, notably for hedge funds and investment firms.

It is a service that allows a Designated Party—the “customer”—to use an FX Prime Broker’s trading lines to execute foreign exchange transactions with an Executing Dealer. In a procedure, the FX Prime Broker becomes the real party to the transaction, acting in place of the Designated Party. This is referred to as a “give-up” transaction. The FX Prime Broker and the Designated Party both make the same deal at the same time.

Who is Mkhonto Financial?

Mkhonto Financial is an FX prime brokerage company, and we help our clients gain efficient and low-cost access to foreign currency markets.

Our comprehensive solution enables you to benefit from multi-bank liquidity while also reducing operational consolidation and credit exposure.

Our clients get benefits from a single legal relationship, operational contact, and tight credit connection. All these features make us more cost-effective and increase our collateral efficiency and risk reduction abilities.

You may access all of your trading relationships through Mkhonto Financial’s single connection, which reduces the complexity of these interactions, eliminates the expenses associated with maintaining numerous references, and improves operational efficiency. Mkhonto Financial handles managed accounts as well as synthetic Prime Brokerage structured products.

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We offer multi-asset liquidity solutions across the global financial market.